Charitable endeavors directed to the needy require continued assistance. An entrepreneur and his staff can be motivated to provide opportunities and not just charity.

Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it. John D.Rockfeller, Industralist, USA

Philanthropy is useful only when it is directed to the needy. Amongst the neediest are those who need basic amenities like food, shelter and education so that eventually they can sustain themselves. Those who keep charitable intentions understand that this liberates them. Those who have undergone the pain of being in want of food, shelter, and education also comprehend the utmost need of those who still struggle to keep alive.

Bringing essential services towards this under privileged sector boosts any company’s reputation. Certainly it drives home the point that charity brings a positive social and business image.

Bangladesh is the homeland to some really impoverished rural sectors. It was from one of these hamlets, one young man emerged with a vision and mission. From a villager to a visionary, he studies overseas with a determination that he would continue to provide opportunities to the needy and deserving.

He returned to Gaibandha, heartland years later as a successful businessman. His offshore venture Clipping Path India is one of the most reputed outsourcing firms. It employs several employees who have migrated to Dhaka to learn graphic skills. While at one end of the spectrum the company moves upwards, it has reckoned that its social responsibility also takes shape simultaneously.

With a personal donation of USD$100 many years ago, Atiqur Sumon now sends USD$2,400 back to the village where it is needed to clothe, feed, and educate new talent. He has lit the torch for the community to move forward. Several small candles have also become aflame as others in the company also send their donations to Gaibandha. Many volunteers can be seen doing self less service and not just charity.

On behalf of the company several kinds of donations reach this rural sector-medical assistance, offers of jobs, building repairs, food and shelter, clothes and most of all encouragement that they are a part of society and eventually they can also contribute.

Charity sees the need, not the cause

When the spirit is willing, so is the flesh. As the company grows, so do its intentions to be philanthropic.  The idea is to perform these functions on a monthly basis and extent it to other areas of Bangladesh, where it is needed too. This social responsibility is close to the heart of CEO Atiqur Rahman Molla. He has motivated the staff also to volunteer their services and earnings and set the right example.

The following pictures show how Gaibandha has been able to cope up with its conditions with the regular donations from Clipping Path India. The charity has now gone online charity donation. The company solicits your valuable contribution also in addition to the customary causes it takes up every month. You can donate via paypal. If you wish to know more about the latest progress in these noble endeavors, drop in a word to us. Our staff at CPI will assist without any obligation to make any contributions.

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