How to Set Up a Product Photo Studio on a Budget

Don’t let a small budget stop you. Learn how to set up an affordable product photography studio.

How Much Does Product Photography Cost in 2021?

Real-world product photography pricing examples.

Freelance Photography Tips: How to Charge for Outsourced Photo Editing

Looking to outsource your photo editing tasks and don’t know where to start? Use these tips to figure out what makes the most sense for you and your clients.

When Do You Need a Photography Permit?: Commercial Photography Tips

Before you pull out your camera, learn the guidelines for shooting commercially in public and private spaces.

When Passion Becomes Burnout: How to Have Fun With Product Photography Again

Keeping passion for product work can be a challenge. Cultivate creativity and enjoyment with these suggestions.

How to Take Pictures of Shoes that People Will Want to Buy

Make your shoes shine through photography.

Sustainably Scaling: How to Grow Your Commercial Photography Business Without Burning Out

Get ideas to grow your business without losing your passion for the work.

Covid Culture: How to Make Product Photos Pandemic-Friendly

Unusual times call for new approaches to product photography.

How to Have a Safe Product Photoshoot During COVID-19

Unique times call for unique protocols.

How to Build a Photography Studio from Scratch: Everything You Need to Take Your Own Product Photos

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t create greatness.

Do Professional Photographers Edit Their Own Photos?

How much of what they capture is real life, and how much is captured in post-processing?

Darkroom Manipulation vs. Digital Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation isn’t just color correction. It implies the total process of image makeover.
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