We recently spoke to a self-employed photographer based in Germany who uses Path for photo editing. He shoots mostly sports photography, working with various local and regional teams.

For one client in particular, a major sports network, he’s responsible for all the photos for 16 teams. His main deliverables are individual headshots and group team photos—the ones you see pop up at the bottom of your screen when you’re watching a game on TV.


His workflow is fairly predictable, as it ebbs and flows with the sports seasons. He shoots about 16 different teams, each in three parts—the start of the season when they start training, after the first transfer deadline, and then again after the second transfer deadline.

“Sometimes it happens that I was on a Wednesday with Team A and the transfer deadline was two days later, and four days later I had the same player for a different team, different outfit.”

But this seasonality also means most of his work happens at the same time. To edit such a huge batch of images is more than one person can handle, especially on top of juggling all the other aspects of being self-employed.

“I know how much time it takes to get [photo editing] done, and to get it done properly.”

He knew he would need some help. “I did [photo editing] occasionally for a client, and I know how much time it takes to get it done, and to get it done properly.”


He didn’t waste any time finding a solution to help. “When I was getting this job to do this, I first started looking around to see where I can send my images.”

He heard about Path in the press room when he was talking to other photographers about this type of work. Someone recommended he give Path a shot—and he hasn’t looked back.


This freelance sports photographer relies on Path for bulk image editing. He loves the consistency he gets in the edits from Path. And he also knows if something’s not right, he can send it back to make it right. “But there really are no issues,” he says. “They’re ready to go and they always look good.”

“But there really are no issues [with Path's edits.] They’re ready to go and they always look good.”

He’s even considering using Path for other types of work as new projects and clients pop up. “We might have to send the pictures to [Path] if we have to use a different background. If we want to make something with a stadium or something with special lights, then we might have to use Path to separate them from the white background.”

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