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Curious about how much your edits will cost? Get an instant quote to see your total right away, or keep reading to learn more about how Path photo editing rates work.

  • See how photo editing pricing works

    Take a look at what goes into your total cost

    Every Path order is different, and your total photo editing rates will be calculated based on your services, number of images, overall complexity, and speed of your edits.

    When you start a new order, we’ll ask a few questions and then analyze your images on the spot. You’ll get an accurate quote right away, so you know exactly how much your order will cost before you finish your request.

    Here’s a breakdown of what we’re looking at when we assess your order and determine your photo editing rates:

    1. Service type

      Each service has a different starting price based on how complicated it is, and how long it will take your designer.You can also combine services—for example background removal + shadow—and when you do this, you’ll get a combined total that accounts for all of the services you’ve chosen.

    2. Complexity

      Not all edits are created equal. If you only need a simple cutout against a plain background, that will cost less than something more complicated (for example, a cutout of a birdcage, or a curly-haired model standing against a wire fence). We’ll analyze each image to see how complicated your edits are, then price them to match.

    3. Turnaround time

      The default turnaround time is 24 hours, but if you need your edits faster, you can choose to pay a bit more and get them sooner. Likewise, if you don’t mind waiting, you can save some money.

    4. Number of copies

      Need multiple copies of the same image in different sizes or formats? These are priced per copy, at a rate of 20¢ per file if you’ve chosen the standard turnaround time.

    It’s quick and easy to see exactly how much your photo editing rates will cost. Just start a new order, upload your images, and see your total right there.

  • Save more with Path credits

    An easy way to get the best photo editing rate per shot

    If you're a Path regular, have a mountain of edits coming up, or share your account with other team members, you can buy Path credits for an even better deal.

    Path credits work like money — each credit is worth $1 towards your order total. Credits don’t expire—they’ll live in your Path account so you can use them whenever you need edits. 

    Free credits
    Total to pay
  • Pricing for large orders

    Get custom support and pricing for high-volume photo edits

    If you need more than 100 images edited at a time, or are ordering 1000+ images per month, we can set you up with custom support and pricing.

    Contact us and we’ll look after you.

See the starting cost for photo editing rates

  • Clipping path

    Hand-drawn clipping paths give you crisp, clean cutouts that you can put on any background.
    per image
  • Background removal

    Make product photos pop with a clean white (or any other color you choose) background.
    per image
  • Image masking

    For more intricate shots (like anything involving hair or fur), image masking gives you that extra level of precision, for cutouts that look completely natural.
    per image
  • Shadow

    Natural-looking shadows make products look more realistic — and generate more sales. Add depth and make your images more visually appealing.
    per image
  • Ghost mannequin

    Remove mannequins or models to showcase the natural fit and drape of apparel, while still keeping the focus on your products.
    per image
  • Color change

    Show true-to-life colors and minimize returns from customers who are disappointed their items don’t match the photo — without having to shoot every shade.
    per image
  • Photo retouching

    Get the perfect shot, even after the fact. Correct flaws or imperfections, and make every element of your image shine.
    per image
  • Multi-clipping path

    Select multiple areas within your image so they can be edited separately.
    per image
  • Vector conversion

    Convert images to vector files that can scale to any size without a loss of fine detail or quality.
    per image

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We accept most major credit cards and PayPal. We’ll only take your payment details once you’ve finalized your order and are ready to authorize payment.

Want to know exactly how much your photo edits will cost? See your total in seconds.

Select your service, choose your turnaround time, and upload your images. We’ll calculate your total photo editing rates and give you an instant quote on the spot.


Questions other customers have asked us

  • Do you offer a discount on large orders?

    We do! There are two ways:

    1. Purchase the biggest package of Path credits.

    2. If you have tons of product photos you need edited all the time, you can
    get photo-editing services at a reduced rate. Use the contact page to get in touch and let us know more details about your needs.

  • Is there a free trial?

    You bet. You can get your first two images edited at no charge. You won’t even need to enter a credit card :)

  • How do I request a quote?

    Get started by telling us what kinds of edits and turnaround time you need. Once you submit your request, you’ll receive your quote via email in 45 minutes or less.  

  • How does turnaround time affect the price of my order?

    You get to choose the turnaround time that works best for you. Our default turnaround time is 24 hours, but when you customize and confirm your order, you can choose from these times:

    • 6 hours
    • 12 hours
    • 24 hours
    • 48 hours
    • 96 hours

    The longer the turnaround time, the less the image-editing services will cost. If you’re working against a tight deadline, you can pay extra to have your images back in less than 24 hours.

    Not in a rush? Choose a turnaround time greater than 24 hours and save money on your order.

  • Do you offer recurring subscriptions?

    Yes we do. Get in touch and we’ll work out a plan that fits your business.