Photo retouching services

Products that look beautiful in photos that sell

Fix scratches and spots, remove wrinkles and imperfections, and enhance the textures in your images.

Starting at 69¢ per image

Fixing every single imperfection really makes the day drag (and eats up your budget)

But all of those little things make the difference between a shot that sells and one that doesn’t.

Not every photo comes out perfectly, no matter how advanced your photography skills. Maybe the sample arrived all dinged up — with no time to get a replacement. Maybe your makeup artist missed the mark this time.

Whatever it is, it's still possible to get the right shot. But it takes time and patience — lots of it. And spending hours eliminating every wrinkle or speck of dust can make you never want to pick up a camera again.

Leave it to the experts

Outsource your edits to Path’s pro retouchers, starting at 79¢ per image. You can get large batches of retouched images back quickly and affordably, in as little as 6 hours.

You don’t need to shoot it again. We’ll remove every scratch and particle of dust, smooth out wrinkled fabric, remove camera reflections, and make your models look picture perfect.

Hand-edited photos and careful attention to detail mean you get perfect retouching services every time. Because when your products look beautiful, they sell. It’s that simple.

Our latest projects with the perfect (re-)touch

  • What is photo retouching?

    Essentially, if you want to edit your final image to make it cleaner, more beautiful, or more refined, retouching is how you make that happen. Retouching will help you fix any issues that couldn’t be addressed at the photo shoot (or that you didn’t notice until you saw the images), or highlight the natural beauty of your models and products. Both professionals and DIY photographers often rely on retouching to get the perfect shot.

    Photo retouching is also often referred to as image retouching, Photoshop retouching, airbrushing or Photoshopping.

  • What kinds of photo retouching services does Path offer?

    We’ve mastered every technique in the book so we can fix blemishes, remove dust and specks, smooth wrinkles, and more.

    1. Dust, spot and scratch removal

    A photoshoot that goes without hiccups is rare, and sometimes those mishaps damage products or props in a staged shot. If you have scratches, dents or other imperfections on your product, retouching can make those objects look perfectly new again. Or if there are dust particles or other distracting spots in your shot, photo retouching can help you remove them for a cleaner shot.

    2. Wrinkles on clothing

    No matter how many irons and steamers you have on hand, wrinkles always sneak into your shot. Photo retouching can remove any wrinkles from clothing so your shots look perfect, no matter how much your models have to move.

    3. Beauty airbrushing

    Beauty airbrushing is commonly used in fashion photography. This is where the natural beauty of your models is enhanced with a little bit of Photoshop retouching. You can clear blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, change eye and hair color, enhance the background and surroundings, and more.

    4. Camera reflection removal

    When you’ve caught the reflection of your camera (or something else that shouldn’t be in the shot) in a shiny surface, reflection removal will take care of it. Whether it’s a bit of glare in your subject’s glasses, or a shiny surface that’s caught something in the background, we’ll make it look like it was never there.

  • When should I choose photo retouching services?

    It makes sense to outsource photo retouching projects when:

    • You’re selling clothing, but your shots all have wrinkles that you need to remove so the clothing looks fresh and smooth.
    • You’ve got a photo of a slightly damaged product and need to hide a small crack or other imperfection.
    • You want to add a new object to the shot but didn’t have it on set for the original photo.
    • You need to make sure the visual aesthetic of your models matches your overall brand aesthetic.
    • You can see the photographer’s camera reflected in an object like a glass or bowl of water.
  • How much do photo retouching services cost?

    We’ve mastered every technique in the book so we can fix blemishes, remove dust and specks, smooth wrinkles, and more. Pricing for each image depends on what kind of retouching we’re doing, and how complex the retouching will be. Every image is different, but we follow standard pricing guidelines to make sure your rate is always clear and objective, even if you’re working with a different designer.

    Here’s an overview of our photo retouching pricing categories, so you know what to expect:

    Simple dust, spot and scratch removal69¢ per image

    It might be simple, but it sure is tedious. We’ll do a basic cleanup for your images that have a bit of dust, small spots, specks, or blemishes.

    Great for:

    • Images with a bit of a dust or a few spots
    • Lightly damaged products
    • Correcting small flaws

    Complex dust, spot and scratch removal$2.49 per image

    The next level of dust, spot and scratch removal is for images with more significant dust or damage. On-site shoot in the middle of the desert? A product that’s been dinged up too many times? To clean up photos with lots of dust or major imperfections, we apply complex dust, spot, and scratch removal.

    Great for:

    • Vintage photos
    • Dusty or dirty images
    • Damaged products

    Simple camera reflection removal79¢ per image

    Simple reflection removal is perfect for those times when you’ve got a small amount of reflection that shouldn’t be there. Maybe you’ve caught your reflection in your subject’s glasses, or you’ve just caught a bit of reflection in a small or straightforward surface — simple camera reflection removal will clear it up quick.

    Great for:

    • Small, reflective surfaces
    • Sunglasses or glasses

    Complex camera reflection removal$2.99 per image

    Complex camera reflection removal is saved for these times when there’s a large reflective surface that has major camera reflections visible. We’ll make sure every surface is clear and reflection-free.

    Great for:

    • Very shiny surfaces and objects
    • Cars
    • Home interiors
    • Large stainless steel appliances
    • Groupings of multiple reflective products

    Simple wrinkle removal from fabric99¢ per image

    Simple wrinkle removal is important but another tedious, detail-oriented job. We use simple wrinkle removal techniques when you have a few wrinkles on a single-hue fabric.

    • Slightly wrinkled, solid apparel or fabrics

    Complex wrinkle removal from fabric$1.49 per image

    It takes a lot more work and time to clean up severely wrinkled fabric or wrinkles on a patterned design. Advanced wrinkle removal techniques will make sure your products look symmetric and natural.

    Great for:

    • Wrinkles on patterned fabrics
    • Wrinkles on printed fabrics

    Simple beauty airbrushing$1.29 per image

    Simple beauty airbrushing includes the removal of small areas where the surrounding color is uniform, such as moles, small scars, small tattoos, peach fuzz, and other minor blemishes. Simple airbrushing also includes whitening teeth and removing stray hairs. The final image will have a streamlined, almost airbrushed effect.

    Great for:

    • A light touchup on your models
    • Removing small scars, tattoos or other blemishes
    • Whitening teeth
    • Removing stray hairs

    Complex beauty airbrushing$2.99 per image

    Complex airbrushing smooths or fixes larger and more complicated areas of an image while maintaining the image's original integrity. Examples include adjusting features such as lengthening a nose or removing a double chin, adding makeup or changing makeup color, reducing wrinkles while maintaining other details, and filling in eyebrows.

    Great for:

    • Adjusting your model’s features
    • Adding or changing makeup
    • Making major changes to your subject’s appearance

Why photographers and ecommerce entrepreneurs outsource their image retouching projects to Path

Your talent and creative energy is best spent on doing what you love — not spending all day in Photoshop making sure every blemish is hidden away.

  • 40,000+ customers have trusted us with their image edits.
  • 8 million images enhanced and brought to life.

How it works

  1. Order your edits

    Upload your images, tell us a bit about what you need, and get a clear, budget-friendly price on the spot.

  2. Your designer edits your images by hand

    Our pro designers will tackle those tedious image edits, while you get back to the fun stuff.

  3. Get your images back in as little as 6 hours

    We’ll double-check your images to make sure they’re pixel perfect, and then send them right over.

How to know if outsourced photo retouching services are right for you

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Outsourced retouching services are ideal if you are...

  • A busy professional photographer with batches of edits due from a recent product photoshoot

  • An ecommerce retailer who wants to use their time to move the needle instead of fiddling around in Photoshop

  • A freelancer or agency with tight client deadlines and tons of other deliverables to wrangle