Color change services

Get the perfect pop of color to showcase your products

Get true-to-life color in any shade you need — without the expense or delays of additional product shots

Starting at 99¢ per image

Product color change photo edits are important but take forever

When you have several color variants for a single product, it makes sense to shoot it once and change the color later with photo editing software. You can make the most of your photography investment and repurpose the images for product listings, your website, marketing, and more.

But when you have lots of variants for hundreds of products, the workload quickly piles up. With product launches and promotions, a simple color change for a few files can easily turn into a huge batch that will take all week. And that leaves no time for growing your business, let alone fueling your creative passions.

Leave it to the experts

Outsource your product color changes to our team of experts for 99¢ per image. Get color change services quickly and affordably, with finished edits in as little as 6 hours.

If you don’t physically have variants to shoot, receive limited photos from suppliers, or just don’t have the time to do it all, you can still show your customers your product in every color. We expertly change each product’s color by hand, so your products are vibrant, accurate, and realistic.

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  • What are color variants?

    Color variants — or color changes — is when you manipulate an image (or part of an image) to make it a different color. There are lots of reasons you might want to change colors in an image. Product color changes are typically used to create the visual effect your clients are going after and make customers buy your product.

  • How to do color change in images

    We’ve learned a lot about color change and color correction. We’ve edited more than 8.5 million photos, refining our techniques over several years.

    When we want to show all of the color variants available for your product, we use one image of the product and one image of each of the colors. This allows us to make sure the product looks exactly the same across all variants, with the only exception being the color.

    In many cases, this helps you get an edited image that looks more like the product in real life than a naturally shot frame. The closer you can get to the in-person look of a product, the better — customers expect the products they buy to match what they’ve ordered, so accurate colors mean fewer returns and happier customers.

    If you have the time and patience, there are a few ways to do color changes yourself:

    • The Match Color command in Photoshop can help you change colors in one or in multiple images, but this only works in RGB mode.
    • With Color Range mode, you select a color or color range from your original image. This mode can also help retouch subject’s faces, as it automatically detects and selects faces.
    • The Hue/Saturation too can also work for changing colors. Hue/Saturation is good for adjusting colors, but changing colors completely with Hue/Saturation can create unnatural-looking results and takes some skill to be able to use it effectively.
    • For more complex color changes, the Color Balance tool in Photoshop can help you adjust just the highlights, midtones, or shadows of your area.
    • The tool you use will depend on your image — experiment to find what works best for your shot.
  • When to use color change

    These are some of the best times to use color change services for your photos:

    1. You want to change only the color of the product in the photo, keeping everything else exactly the same — so customers can more easily compare color options
    2. Shooting a natural photo doesn’t accurately capture the real-life color of the product
    3. Different lighting or settings are making your product’s color look different from shot to shot
    4. You’re introducing a new product to an existing product line and you can’t do a new shoot for it
    5. You only have one or a few color samples for the photoshoot and don’t have time or money for a new shoot for when you get those images
    6. You have a long list of SKUs to shoot, and it’s more efficient to take a photo of one color variation for each
    7. Your manufacturer provides limited photos
  • How much do color change services cost?

    When you outsource color change services to Path, you only pay 99¢ per image. Get your edited images back in as little as 6 hours, along with the relief of knowing your product photos are in the right hands.

Why ecommerce entrepreneurs and photographers outsource product color changes to Path

Your talent and creative energy is best spent doing what you love — not fiddling in Photoshop for hours correcting colors and creating variants.

  • 40,000+ customers have trusted us with their image edits.
  • 8 million images enhanced and brought to life.

We edit every product color change project by hand. We’re not finished until every item of clothing and accessory appears natural, and the colors and textures look just right.

How it works

  1. Order your edits

    Upload your images, tell us a bit about what you need, and get a clear, budget-friendly price on the spot.

  2. Your designer edits your images by hand

    Our pro designers will tackle those tedious image edits, while you get back to the fun stuff.

  3. Get your images back in as little as 6 hours

    We’ll double-check your images to make sure they’re pixel perfect, and then send them right over.

How to know if outsourced color change services are right for you

You don't have to do everything yourself. Outsourced color change services are ideal if you are ...

  • A busy professional photographer with batches of edits due from a recent product photoshoot

  • An ecommerce retailer who wants to use their time to move the needle instead of fiddling around in Photoshop

  • A freelancer or agency with tight client deadlines and tons of other deliverables to wrangle