Clipping Path India, now Path, is your virtual photo editing studio

Fast, affordable, and pixel perfect clipping paths — done by hand by pro retouchers.

Starting at 25¢ per image

Get it right, the first time

Other clipping path services use AI to edit your images, which means way more time on your end correcting mistakes and making sure everything is usable.

  • Our pro retouchers do every clipping path by hand – and double check every image before sending it back to you.
  • No having to send them back for corrections (or worse, having to re-do them yourself).
  • Just pixel perfect edits, every time.

Hi, we’re Path. You might remember us as Clipping Path India.

We provide image editing services for ecommerce photographers and brands

We’re so focused on perfecting clipping paths that it was part of our name for years. We've rebranded from Clipping Path India, but our clipping path skills are still as sharp as ever.

Pixel perfect clipping paths require a keen eye, a steady hand, and a LOT of time. We don’t trust machines to do it — they’re wrong too often. It’s not worth it, and you end up spending even more time fixing their mistakes than you would getting it right the first time. Instead, our pro retouchers edit every image by hand, so that your product photos are pixel perfect.

Because when you’re selling online, every little thing counts. A few pixels can mean the difference between “Oooh, I want that” and “Is this even a reputable seller?”

Save time and money with Path

formerly Clipping Path India

Who we are

We launched Clipping Path India as a small family-run design business in 2004. Since then we’ve edited over 8 million images for businesses around the world – and created almost 903 jobs in the meantime.

We still think of ourselves as a family business – just a much bigger family than when we started.

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