You’ve set up your company. You have a website with products your customers want. Now it’s time to prep product photos for your site. You’ve done everything right thus far, so it’s essential that you find the right provider for clipping path services.

While choosing your clipping path provider, you’ll likely do some research about their pricing, turnaround time, and customer reviews. But some companies participate in dishonest business practices and solicit fake clipping path service reviews—from their employees, friends and family, or even bots. So when you look up clipping path service reviews, you need a keen eye to distinguish fraudulent versus genuine customer feedback.

Why it’s important to look up clipping path reviews

Choosing the wrong clipping path provider could seem to be a simple mishap, but worse things could happen than lost money or more work fixing the edits yourself. In some cases, untrustworthy clipping path service providers may use or even sell your images elsewhere. And if your employer owns the rights or you’ve sold them to a client, this can put you in a legal jam. Worse, you could put your bank and credit card information in the wrong hands.

But don’t worry, there are many ways to protect yourself from these worst-case scenarios. Taking a few minutes to research clipping path service reviews can save you valuable time and alleviate potential issues.

Why choosing the right clipping path partner is important

Where to find clipping path service reviews

To avoid these worst case scenarios, put on your investigator hat and do some online sleuthing to find out whether the company is reputable. Many clipping path companies feature reviews on their own website, but for honest, unvetted reviews, you’ll want to visit third-party sites as well.

To start, do a simple Google search for “clipping path service reviews.” You can also type the name of the company followed by the word “reviews” to see what people are saying about them on the web. Make sure to thoroughly browse the results on Google—that means going past page 1.

Next you can check third-party sites for validated commentary. Here are a few to start with:

Here’s an example of one of the clipping path service reviews on G2 Crowd for a company. It’s the only review available, so it’s best to take it with a grain of salt and validate with opinions and reviews from other sources. However, G2 has validated the reviewer, so take it as another piece of your research through this vetting process.

Image source


Another trick? Search the company name again, but plug in the word “scam” at the end instead of “reviews.” If you have a repeat fraudster on your hands, this should show you the truth.

As a bonus, taking a deep dive into a company’s reviews may not only help prove their validity but also reveal their customer service response quality. The responses from service providers to reviewers can provide insight into the company’s customer care practices and further help you in your decision process.

Image source

 Pro tip: Remember to not only look at the overall review ratings, but the quantity of reviews. A company called Clipping Path Creative, for example, has a 3.8-star Trustpilot rating, but there are only tworeviews. Compare that to Path's 5,000+ Trustpilot reviews with an average “Excellent” rating. It’s clear who is the more reliable choice.


Also worth noting: Trustpilot calls out that they’re unable to verify how Clipping Path Creative has gotten their reviews. So they could all be fake.

How to spot fake or biased clipping path service reviews

Unfortunately, there are tons of fake clipping path service reviews out there. While third-party sites do their best to monitor and prevent fraudulent customer reviews, it’s impossible to catch all of them. That’s why it’s important to stay vigilant.

Keep an eye out for these tells:

Watch for reviewers with generic names like John Smith or lots of random numbers in their names.

  • A spike in the number of reviews over a short period of time can indicate a targeted campaign to boost a company’s rating.
  • Fake reviews are often over-the-top in their praise, while honest reviews tend to discuss both the good and the bad.
  • Use of more personal pronouns, like “I” and “me.” A study conducted by Cornell University found that fake reviewers use extra pronouns and fill their reviews with unnecessary details and scene-setting to sound more convincing.

You might also find biased reviews. For example, competitors may post reviews that position their own services more favorably than their competitors. Make sure you check a variety of sources and look for common customer praise and complaints.

Path clipping path service reviews

We like to share our favorite customer reviews on social media, but you can check our Trustpilot page for an unfiltered view of all our reviews.

Next steps to finding a clipping path service provider

Now that you’ve thoroughly researched and vetted clipping path service reviews, you can move forward with the outsourcing process by gathering quotes from your chosen providers. You can sit back and feel confident about spending money on a worthwhile expense while focusing on other tasks.

Check out these other articles to help find a high-quality yet affordable clipping path service provider:

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