Path would be nothing without our people. To recognize our team’s unrelenting dedication to honing their craft and providing quality service to customers like you, we decided to host our first Talent Hunt at the end of 2023.

We let everyone get in on the fun—our in-house folks, temp workers, and even our subcontracting team—to see who can make the best, the fastest, and the most accurate photo edits. And not only that, but how the rest of our organization can learn from them. It’s just another way we’ve found to continuously innovate and push ourselves to always do better.

The contest

The Talent Hunt was created to identify and acknowledge exemplary photo editing techniques and the editors themselves while also fostering innovation and identifying potential future leaders.

We had three categories for winners:

  1. Speedstar Editor: awarded to the person who can edit images in the least amount of time while maintaining quality standards
  2. Quality Wizard: the editor who can edit images with extraordinary quality by using different techniques outside of their traditional quality within the defined timeframe
  3. Technique Mastermind: for the most creative editing techniques that still deliver quality and speed

We also had a judging panel, made of:

Creative review

  • Md. Ataur Rahman, Senior Manager, Production
  • Md Asaduzzaman, Senior Manager, IT
  • MD. Shahadat Hossain, Senior Manager, Customer Support
  • Rayhanul Islam, Executive, R&D

Overall organization and coordination

  • Rifat Rahmatullah, Manager, Human Resources
  • Shams Al Mujahid, Senior Executive, HR and Admin

Final decision

  • Md. Atiqur Rahman Molla, CEO
  • Rokaiya Yesmin, COO

The winners

Eleven participants competed in the Talent Hunt, with four emerging as the top contestants. These editors displayed exceptional proficiency in multi-clipping path, natural shadow, white balance, and wrinkle retouching edits. Their techniques not only streamlined editing processes but also elevated the overall quality.

We had a celebration at our corporate headquarters in Uttara, Dhaka on March 29, 2024 to honor these top editors.

Get to know the winners—some of the very people who edit your photos:

Md Ishak Rahman, 1st place

  • CategorySpeedstar Editor and Technique Mastermind
  • Technique: White balance and wrinkle retouch
  • Prize: mobile phone

Md. Kamrul Hasan, 2nd place

  • Category: Technique mastermind
  • TechniqueNatural shadow
  • Prize: tablet

Jahid Hasan, 3rd place

  • Category: Speedstar Editor
  • TechniqueMulti-clipping path
  • Prize: smart watch

Md. Momin Prodhan, 4th place

  • Category: Speedstar Editor
  • TechniqueMulti-clipping path
  • Prize: crest

What’s next?

Sure, the Talent Hunt was a lot of fun! But there’s also a business goal behind it. Our top editors have innovated to bring new editing techniques and workflows to their work.

By having this Talent Hunt, we can bring our larger team of editors together, identify top talent, and learn from them. The Talent Hunt winners can share their expertise, learnings, and techniques with the rest of the Path editing team to help continue to propel the quality of our services higher and higher.

Thanks for being a part of the team

We wouldn’t be able to edit images, innovate, and give back to our people without our customers. To us, Path is more than just a photo editing studio. It’s a family. And we’re happy to have you a part of that big, extended Path family.

Hand your edits off to a team of pro retouchers—without sacrificing your budget.

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CEO and founder of Clipping Path India, Atiqur followed his uncle's footsteps as a pioneer in the image-editing and offshore clipping path industry. Atiqur founded parent company Outsource Experts Ltd. in 2008 and currently employs more than 300 people worldwide. His passion? Technology. Secret to happiness? Helping those who are less fortunate.

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